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T-mobile Samsung NCK codes (NO DEVICES UNLOCK APP)

Delivery Time : 1-48 Hours
Price : -
Details :

 All old Tmobile USA GSM/LTE Samsungs are supported.= exept new phones that do not request Codes


T-mobile Devices Unlock App are not suppoted.. phone must request code when instert other sim card.

 Refund policy :
 Unfortunatley There refund if request a new Samsung device that has Device unlock APP.
 The reason for this is that the codes are always correct but the firmware on Samsung causes many codes to fail that are correct on select models. When we send video to vendor,  100% of the time the code is verified as correct and we lose money. We decided instead of removing this service completely that we will offer it with this strict policy.
 Non working codes are 99% Solved by our troubleshooting instructions. 1% are firmware issues as we stated above.
 Rooted phones may have to be restored to a factory firmware before using unlock code.