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*Note: DO NOT REQUEST LG Phoenix 3, lg M150, if you bought after Jun 2018, those phone are frozen codes, that currenly we can't supply. Some time works some time not, if you request at your own risk we do not give refund in that model.

AT&T LG Phoenix 3 (M150) issue:

Important: There are a lot of the new LG Phoenix 3 M150 devices from AT&T that are currently sold with firmware issue and they can not be unlocked!!! Their lock counter is frozen and rejects every unlock try as "SIM Network unlock request unsuccessful_001" even if code is correct!

Please, if you have new LG Phoenix 3 M150 from AT&T, check if the lock counter is active by dialing a random code. If devices changes the number of tries left in the lock counter(2/10) it can be unlocked. If tries stay always 1/10 than device can not be unlocked.

Check before processing AT&T LG Phoenix 3 (M150) devices as there will be NO REFUND for such issues!!!

Use This Service If You Got 'Not Found' Messages From Cheap Services

* As A Result You Will Get NCK code and some all level code.

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